4th Dimension Sober Living…

Introducing a warm, carefully tailored, structured

and effective environment

to overcome substance abuse and addiction.


Recovery isn’t all medical.  It’s personal.

It isn’t all physical.  Recovery is also spiritual and emotional

4th Dimension Sober Living provides close and caring environment to augment traditional drug/alcohol recovery programs, making them that much more effective.  Our experienced mentors come alongside each resident, offering encouragement, support and carefully tailored direction.

Now with three locations, our approach is proving to be just the added personal touch that can be the difference between recovery or relapse.

Our homes offer:

  • Personal development with the help of recovering staff members who’ve successfully overcome the same challenges.
  • Increased stability with carefully planned and structured scheduling to help improve every aspect of life.
  • Motivation and stronger commitment in an encouraging and positive environment.
  • Stronger discipline generated by a system which requires personal accountability.
  • Independence from a program that teaches and eventually requires self-sufficiency.
  • Affordability allowing virtually all addicts and alcoholics to participate.
  • Regular and random drug testing to assure ongoing compliance.
  • Deep, challenging and intense programs to generate substantive progress and results.

My name is Jason Gonzalez, an experienced, committed and capable advocate for all those who are in Milwaukee’s recovering community. We want to help them truly succeed in every aspect of life. Our program is specially designed and implemented to help everyone – men and women, young and old, any ethnicity.

What’s past is passed.  We can offer a new future of hope, truth and fulfillment. Our alumni have been re-established in the community – marriages restored, relationships regained, careers renewed, even businesses started!

Let us help you. 4th Dimension Sober Living is literally “a community within the recovering community.”


Thank you for your consideration.

Jason Gonzalez

Founder and CEO