This is an outline of a typical day as a 4th Dimension Community member


Morning Meditation: Every morning community members are asked to participate in a non-denominational, non-religious, practice of group mediation and contemplation. Our mediation is based on the Upon Awakening, which is found on page 86 of the book Alcoholic Anonymous.

Big Book study: Community members participate in a daily, in-house, Big Book study. 4th Dimension Sobriety is firmly rooted in the 12-steps of recovery; thus, reading, studying, and experiencing the Big Book is essential to achieving life-long sobriety.


Work or Job search: Community members are expected to transition in becoming useful and productive members of society. Therefore, Community members are asked to work, or find work, during the day.

Note: In the first few weeks at 4th Dimension, time spent job searching will be split between online applications and recovery based assignments/programing. This will happen under the supervision of 4th Dimension staff. 


  • Chores: As part of living in a community, we are all responsible for one another. As part of this responsibility we are all expected to take care of our communal living space. Therefore, community members are asked to complete their assigned daily chore.
  • 12-step meetings: 4th Dimension is conveniently located near many 12-step meeting spaces. Residents are asked to attend, and participate, in these meetings on a daily basis. As part of this obligation residents should find a sponsor, work the 12-stepsof recovery, and participate in service and fellowship opportunities.
  • Evening review: Every night, before bed, guests constructively review their day with one another. Guest review what went right, what went wrong, and how to move forward the next day.
  • Sponsorship: Every evening Community members have time to work with sponsors. 4th Dimension Sobriety is firmly rooted in the 12-steps of recovery; therefore, working the 12 steps under the guidance of a sponsor is essential if a person is to attain LIFE LONG sobriety.